Hotmail prohibits 'easy' passwords

Hotmail has banned new users from using clear and common passwords like '123456' and 'password'.


The free Microsoft webmail service has also defined excessive usage terms such as 'ilovecats' from being used as the only thing between the bad guys and your email.


According to Ars Technica, Microsoft is also considering extending the ban on existing Hotmail accounts.


Safety awareness


Microsoft is also launching a feature that allows Hotmail users to report if another Hotmail user is attacked.


Dubbed "My friend is attacked!" The tool will block the infected account and 'your friends' will have to go through the account recovery process to get back.


This is clearly a good move for Microsoft to make even more effort in giving users the security of their accounts - it only affects the company if Hotmail accounts are frequently compromised.

Create groups in Hotmail, create email groups in Hotmail

Create groups in Hotmail, create email groups in Hotmail

Grouping in Hotmail as well as creating groups in Gmail primarily helps users manage, clearly segment the email addresses in their directory into different groups for convenience of sending mail and receiving mail.

I'm hotmail

Not only Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, but also easy to create groups in Outlook - is also a popular email service today. Following the steps below, you will easily create your own mailing list in Hotmail.




Step 1: Hotmail Login



First you need to sign your Hotmail first (if not refer to how to create Hotmail account that previously guided) and select the icon as picture => select Peopel (people).


Step 2: Select New => Select Contact list.


Step 3: Here you name the group to create => Then add the email account to the group => Create a note for the group => Finally choose Save to save the setting.


Finally you created the group in hotmail ...


We have a guide to how to create a group in Hotmail. After creating the group, make sure your email in Hotmail is much better. To edit a group, delete the group you just created by selecting Group => Then select the Edit or Delete tools ...


Also, it's easy to block mail in Hotmail so you do not have to receive mail from unwanted email addresses and to be more professional we should use signatures for each email being sent; With Hotmail, the signature of Hotmail is quite simple, if you do not know or do not use unfamiliar with the new interface, you can read the instructions to create Hotmail signature on to do.